Road Closures

Location : Blaydon Race 2014

Start Date : 9 June 2014

Expected Completion Date: 9 June 2014

Time of Day : 5pm to 9pm

Contact : 0191-278-7878 - Newcastle City Council

Further Information

·         Bigg Market (for its entire length),   

·         Groat Market (for its entire length),   

·         Cloth Market (between High Bridge and Mosley Street),

·         High Bridge (between Grey Street and Bigg Market),  

·         Mosley Street (between Dean Street and Collingwood Street),   

·         Collingwood Street (between Westgate Road and Mosley Street),   

·         Westgate Road (between Collingwood Street and Clayton Street),   

·         Clayton Street West (between Westgate Road and Neville Street),   

·         Westmorland Road (between Marlborough Crescent and Clayton Street West),   

·         Marlborough Crescent (for its entire length),   

·         Railway Street (between Marlborough Crescent and Plummer Street),   

·         Plummer Street (for its entire length),  

·         Scotswood Road west bound (between New Redheugh Bridge and the Scotswood Bridge),  

·         Scotswood Bridge.